Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Knitting and Sugar

So I have finished the Laminaria is still in it's unblocked, lumpy lace state. I still like it, even though it is mistake ridden and unblocked. The reason I picked this shawl was because I liked the look of the lacy edging, but after knitting it I have fallen in love with the star pattern in the center of the shawl. That star pattern is definitely aiming to be in something else I knit.

I have also knitted a little pig for my brother's kitty. She apparently loved the mouse toy I had made Jack, so I went through my stash to find a female kitty yarn color. Pale pink is perfect for a little girl kitty, right? Only after I finished it, I realized that instead of looking like a cute pink mouse, it looks more like a pig. So I curled up the i-cord tail for a cute piggy photo. (I apologize for the poor lighting. I didn't get all the photos before the sun went down.) Even with my limits on knitting time, it was a pretty quite project...only 90 minutes (a day and a half for me).

I am starting to work on a neckwarmer made out of some lovely hand painted spun silk purchased at the local weaving guild sale. It is from Coloratura Yarns, although I cannot find the yarn type on their website. Isn't it the most gorgeous blue?

If only I could have counted right for the first row I was doing...I think I have cast on for this about 5 times. I've finally gotten farther than the first row, so hopefully everything will go swimmingly from here. I hope I can find some gorgeous buttons for this; I'm knitting it flat with buttonholes because I'm not exactly sure how far the 160 yards will go, and I want a decently tall neckwarmer. If I like how this turns out, it may have to be knit again so a decent pattern could be written.

So I, like many others, preordered some of the Sock Summit Dye for Glory colorways from Three Irish Girls. Just so you know, they are running crazy behind where they thought they would be. I think Carolyn got a bit miffed at me for emailing to ask about the status; I just wanted to know if I should expect it this month or the next, or sometime after that, since I hadn't seen an update anywhere about how far they were through their orders. I wasn't trying to annoy them or insinuate that they weren't working hard (which they are...12-14 hour days 7 days a week per Carolyn's email, which is way too long for anyone to work). I was particularly worried about the neighborhood dogs getting into the package while no one was would be a nightmare going around trying to find salvageable yarn if several dogs had ripped the package to shreds. It makes me cringe to think about it. So apparently I should be getting yarn this month, which is exciting. I just hope no one there is too ticked off at me. Blargh.

On another note, I have also been baking. I made these cookies for our Christmas Goody Day at work. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of them, but obviously they didn't look quite as pretty as the one in the magazine. I totally burnt the first batch, and I think the others were burnt around the edges. Who would have thought the bake time would be 6 minutes or more less than suggested? They seemed like an awful lot of trouble, especially when they didn't taste as spectacular as I thought they might. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely tasty, but they took forever to make, so I'm not sure the time/taste ratio was enough in favor for these to become a part of my repertoire. I was super excited, though, to find out how to candy citrus peel. I ended up cutting the peel off of my morning grapefruit and candying it. Then dipping them in chocolate. What can I say? (Here they are getting ready to go into the fridge so the chocolate can set. This might be a dangerous addiction...hide your citrus!)

If you find the peel missing on your citrus, look for the candied variety to appear in a day or two!

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