Friday, May 6, 2011

Back to Blogging: Evie's Baptism

Wow, it's been a while.  Guess there is no time like the present to hope back on board.

So on Easter, we got Evie baptized.  It was a lovely service, and Evie didn't cry at all, although I think she was a confused about why we were giving her a hair a rinse with all her clothes on and not in the bathtub.  It was really special to have her baptized in the same church I grew up in and the one we got married in.  It is a little daunting to be making such big promises about teaching someone else about God when you don't feel like you know nearly enough about it yourself.  We will do our best though which is all we can do.

Just before, wondering what is going on!

Do I still have to take a bath tonight?

Special words from the pastor, Ms. Mary

It was a whirlwind trip to and from NC, traveling everyday that we were gone and just having a few hours of visiting.  I wish Eric had more than 10 days vacation for the year, which is really only like five once you take out the Christmas vacation.  Maybe one day he'll have 3 weeks and we'll be able to travel more.

I have been knitting, although there is not a whole lot to show you right now.  I did finish another Huggable Hedgehog, which is my favorite baby gift.  Each one is different and they are so cute!

Another Hedgehog for a new little one arriving in May

There is going to be a wave of babies this year for a bunch of folks I used to work with.  Counting all the folks that I worked with the two years I was there, in the two years and one and a half after there will have been seven babies.  I can't wait to see pictures after the newest ones' arrival!