Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lastest FOs

So, I decided that I might as well start off with my last three finished objects:

These are the lastest three of the six huggable hedgehogs I have made this year for baby gifts. Two of my coworkers and one of my cousins are all having babies in January/February, with two girls and one boy in the bunch. The previous three were for boys, so I was happy to be knitting with some more girlie colors. They are a lot of fun to make and I think they are super cute.

Right now I have a lace scarf and a simple shrug on the needles, and both are being made with yarns from the Knitpicks lace sampler. It is
very dangerous to buy so many yards of yarn when it is on sale. I am itching to start something on slightly larger needles, so after I find some fantastic handles, I'm going to start a handbag out of banana fiber yarn my mom gave to me. Since it came with no gauge or care directions, I went searching around the net for some information on this unusual fiber. I ran across this website with a review of the yarn. Thank goodness I have the undyed one. I'll probably end up doing a few test swatches myself to see how it works out and if I can add another yarn for some color.

And now it is time to introduce you to my little boy:

This is little Jack sitting on his pappy's lap on our trip to NC to visit our family. Isn't he sweet?

Time to start clicking the needles!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Beginning and The Purpose

Before I even start, I have to apologize. Yes, yes, I know it is the very first post and that as of right now I have no readers and thus no reason to apologize to them. However, if I do have readers in the future that begin looking back at old posts, they will probably understand right away why I have to say I'm sorry.

I already know I will not be a reliable blog updater.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, you're probably curious why someone would start a blog when they knew posting would be irregular from the get go. One day, I would like to design a knitted item that is published. Something people want to make. And what do all the designers have? Extensive knitting blogs. So this is my small step toward the dream of having one thing published one day. More would be fantastic, but I've got to think one step at a time.

And so dear readers, this is how it begins.