Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Computer=Regular Blogging?

Thanks to the fact we have a new faster computer that doesn't leave me wanting to kick it down the stairs, I hope to become a more regular blogger.

A few personal updates first. Hubby and I are trying to figure out where we really need to be, since there doesn't seem to be any available job opportunities for him in the area right now. Unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever way you see it), I really do like where I work and the people I work with. Boo on highest unemployment rate since I've been born. At least I have a job though.

In knitting notes, it has been long enough that I actually have a decent amount of FO's. I particularly like this shawlette (Fountain Pen Shawl).

Elizabeth Zimmerman's Snail hat is a little silly looking when someone is wearing it, especially when it is bright orange. But I have to admit, it is warm.

I also did a very modified version of the Shopping Tunic, which I have already worn several times. It does require a camisole beneath it, since the armholes are a little gappy. By the way, isn't that just a lovely example of bathroom mirror self-portraiture? Note the artistic angle, which gives it just the right effect.

On the needles now I have Laminaria. I have unfortunately made quite a few mistakes on it, and hope that no one is so bold as to point them out to me if I do decide to wear it. Only about ten more rows to go on this shawlette, and I am not frogging it to go back and fix the mistakes. I can live with them. At least, I hope I can. If not, Laminaria might reappear in a different color later in the blog.

After Laminaria, I'm going to use some fantastic silk yarn to make a neckwarmer. The yarn is from the local weavers guild annual sale and is a lovely watercolor sky blue. Just the thing to spoil oneself. I hope that I can find some fantastic buttons to go along with it as well. If it turns out, I might just write a little pattern for it. We'll have to see.

Now, it is already past my bedtime, so anything else must wait for a later date.

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