Thursday, February 24, 2011

Suddenly Spring

So all of a sudden it is Spring outside.  It went from being about 30-40 F to 60-70 F in about a week.  Not that I'm not happy about being able to go outside for a walk with Evie again, but I was hoping for a decently wintry photoshoot mid-March.  I guess I just forgot how much earlier it gets warm in the Southeastern US compared to the Midwest.  I'm going to have to get my project done quickly if I'm going to get any shots without everything blooming outside.

On the other hand, I'm totally psyched to get started on another lace project.  It might end up being inspired by a book I recently read: Chalice by Robin McKinley.  It is not my favorite one she has written, but it was still enjoyable.  The presence of honey was pervasive, so well see what I end up with and whether I can find some stitch patterns that will play nicely with one another.

Evie is starting to sit up on her own some.  She babbles a bunch and has started to stick out her tongue at people.  It is amazing how much she can do when she is just 6 months old!  Going from not being able to lift her head or smile at someone to sitting up and laughing at funny  It is amazing how fast they grow.  And isn't she sweet, sitting up on our bed?  Awwwww.  I'll leave you with that.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Evie is so adorable!!

Aunt Deb