Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Girl is Here!

Well, after a long labor (thank goodness for epidurals), Evangeline arrived on August 23rd at 4:18pm and weighed 6lb 10oz, just like her mom and dad.  She is now 6 weeks old and I'm not quite as deliriously sleep-deprived as I have been.  She really is adorable.

I was going to go on a little rant about breastfeeding, but I've decided there are enough of those out there and if someone really wants to know our particular story, they can email me about it,  It will suffice to say it is much more difficult than anyone led me to believe.

We also had a lot of trouble sleeping in the first weeks (she wanted to be held 24/7), but we have started cosleeping and that seems to be taking care of most of the issue.

Not much knitting has been done lately, but I figure that is pretty much par for the course.  A little every few days seems to be pretty good right now, since most of my day is feeding Evie and looking at things one-handed on the computer.  Hopefully knitting on a regular basis will return in a few more weeks.

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