Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Knitting

I have finally gotten the buttons on the Presto Chango sweater for baby girl.  I think it looks adorable, particularly the owl panel, and I hope that she will be the right size to wear it this winter.  That is especially questionable since she is behind now (only 14%tile).  This means another trip to the specialist and keeping a very close eye on her, which for me means two doctor's appointments a week with non-stress tests.  It looks like she will come out early rather than late, so we may need to make another trip to Babies 'R' Us to get some preemie clothes.  See what I mean about wondering if she'll be able to wear it or not?  She'll probably be the perfect size once summer rolls around and it is way too hot for wool.

I also have the Baby Surprise Jacket done (in approximately the same size, of course), minus the buttons which I'm not sure I will put on.  I have found I hate sewing the buttons on when I have to create a shank.  The problem is, I really like the look of shankless buttons.  There must be a shortcut...I can't be the only one that dislikes it.  Either that or I will find a set of buttons with shanks that I love.  I may go looking for some next week.

When I was in Seattle, I got some Lamb's Pride yarn for making baby girl's Christmas stocking.  I have started work on that, and it will be my baseline project when I'm not swatching for my next potential design.  I think I'd like to make a shawl, and since gauge doesn't much matter, all I have to do is find a few motifs I really like that fit together and figure out how to make a triangle out of them.  The only think is I can really only swatch one motif a day with the RSI, which makes for some slow going as I am trying to decide what will work with the laceweight yarn.  I've discovered that too many yarnovers don't typically look too good at such a large gauge, so lesson learned.  I'd also really like to make a sweater, but I'm going to need to do a lot more research and figure out what type of sweater to make.  

I've also decided that I need a haircut.  It is almost all the same length now, and just past my shoulders.  It doesn't really get any longer than that because it is either the end of the growth cycle for the hair or the ends get so brittle they break once they get to that point.  It doesn't really matter which it is, because it is not very flattering at this length.  So I'll probably go get a haircut pick me up sometime next week, too.  Since I usually only cut my hair about once every 4-6 months, this is about normal schedule for me.  I'm always happy to have chopped it all off, so I hope that follows for this one as well.  As you can see below, it looks kind of blah.

On a whim to I got some tinted lipgloss because I didn't have a single tube of lipstick in a wearable color (I usually pick outrageously saturated shades, which are beautiful in the tube but not good for my coloring).  I finally picked a color that is super close to my lip color and looks very natural...something for when your lips look more washed out than normal.  Maybe I am finally figuring out what colors look good on has only taken 27 years.  At least I can wear clothing that is color saturated, even if the makeup colors make me look like a clown.

Based on my average posting frequency, I guess we'll have to see if the next post will have a picture of baby girl or not.  We'll have to see how much longer the doctors think she should be in utero.  I do believe we could fill a photo album with her ultrasound pictures, but I am looking forward to seeing her with my own eyes.

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